“Shawn is such a legendary figure. She was one of the most famous poster artists of the early punk rock movement and creator of the infamous logo for the Circle Jerks.

THE FRIENDS OF SHAWN KERRI is a group of fans and friends dedicated to celebrating the work of legendary cartoonist Shawn Kerri.

Although many of Shawn’s designs have become iconic, legendary symbols of youth culture, hot rod rebellion, her work has never been collected or properly celebrated. We hope to change that!

And we know that Shawn has friends and admirers all over. Some of us know her as a punk rock hell-raiser, whose vibrant, iconic flyers and album covers became the cornerstone of hardcore punk rock’s aesthetic foundation. While the gear-heads among us passionately pore over her work as the only female cartoonist at Petersen’s CARtoons magazine (think MAD magazine for car nuts). Still others love her for her work in Cracked, Disney Comics, Cocaine Comix and Hustler – titles she often worked for simultaneously.

But Shawn has always been something of a mystery even to some of her closest friends and colleagues, When she completely disappeared in the mid-1990s most people assumed that her notorious hard-living-ways had finally caught up with her.

But we want to ensure that her story does not end thereā€¦

Self portrait of Shawn Kerri at work, 1982